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Ghana, Priscilla Jeffrey


Ghana, Priscilla Jeffrey, July 2018

Hello K4P folks,

I am finally back in the US after a very successful month in Ghana. I had very little Internet service, so I am just now able to send you the report on the distribution we made at the Nsawam Hospital Children's Ward in July.

On the advice of local community members who we work with, it was decided that we distribute the dolls and the sleeping mats to the hospital. The nurses there oversaw the distribution while we were there. We gave a doll to each of the very sick children and because we had enough left over, we gave out additional dolls for the other children in their families. The nurses kept the sleeping mats only to be given out to family members who needed to sleep near their children. In hospitals in Ghana, family members take turns sitting with patients to feed and care for them, so sometimes they need a place to sleep.

Everyone was overwhelmed (staff, children and their family members) with the dolls and mats. They were so appreciative and could not believe we came to visit them and bring a small bit of happiness to their sick children. "May God richly bless you." Is a common phrase used there. They said it many times to us that day.

We didn't take too many photos, because it feels way to invasive into people's personal lives and tragedies. Too many voyeuristic photos are taken of people in the developing world without regard to honoring their right to privacy. I will attach the ones that seem OK to share.

Thank you so much for allowing me to bring some joy to the lives of the children and their families in a community I have come to love and care about.

Priscilla Jeffery, CPAS Ghana…. August 2018

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