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Burundi, Niles/lisa Steinmann


2018 Burundi

The distribution of dolls in Gahararo, Burundi, was a terrific and historic event.  I say historic because it was the first time the children of this Batwa village had ever received toys.  That’s right, before last Sunday there were no toys in the village.  The children and their parents were stunned to receive the dolls.  I don’t know if the attached photos adequately demonstrate the surprise and joy experienced by the children, but it was totally evident to all of us involved in the distribution.  The children lined up to receive their dolls and no one pushed or shoved.  What was incredible to me was that after receiving their dolls, most of the children just stood there dumbfounded by what had just happened.  Again, I don’t know if the pictures adequately convey this, but the children’s jaws all but dropped to the floor as they received their gifts.  The distribution of dolls created the kind of radiant joy never seen in this village.

Once again, I would like to thank Knitting4Peace for their generosity and genuine concern for people like the Batwa children of Gahararo, Burundi.  You will never know exactly what your loving gifts meant to these terribly disadvantaged children.  You provided a ray of hope to a very dark and troubled place.  I was very proud to be the one to carry your message of love to the children of our village.

I would also like to thank Lisa Steinmann by name for taking the initiative to reach out to me about this project.  Without Lisa’s willingness to connect Global Care Alliance and Knitting4Peace this project would not have been possible.  I look forward to working with Knitting4Peace again as GCA expands its projects to other places around the globe.

Niles Sharif

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