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Nepal, Linda Siderius & Global Dental Relief, Spring 2016

In April-May 2016, my husband and I were lucky enough to make a second trip to Nepal with a large delivery of scarves and peace pals. If you read K4P’s newsletters last year, you may recall we went and were caught in the tragic earthquake that hit Nepal on April 26, 2015. We were unable to accomplish our mission of working for Global Dental Relief last year but did deliver scarves and peace pals to children impacted by the earthquake. This year we decided to complete the Global Dental Relief clinic and once again make a K4P delivery. We accomplished both without missing a stitch!

Global Dental Relief is a long standing partner of K4P. K4P delivery agents have participated in Global Dental Relief trips to work in its dental clinics around the world while taking scarves and peace pals for distribution to the children served by the dental clinics. On our recent trip to Nepal, the dental clinic served nearly 550, mostly children and some adults, over six days of work. Each patient was offered a scarf or a peace pal. The use of peace pals came in handy on some occasions with a young child who had never been to the dentist before and needed some additional comfort.
Global Dental Relief utilizes the services of volunteer dentists and hygienists from around the world in its clinics. While the program is focused on providing ongoing and consistent dental care to children and their caregivers, it also utilizes the services of non-dental volunteers. Often dental students or college students who want to be dentists are on the trips. Non-dental volunteers can assist in many ways. My husband provided fluoride to nearly everyone who came through the door. I worked on tracking data and information that is kept by Global Dental Relief and other duties as assigned! I had an opportunity to interact with every person who came in and out of the clinic.

Several of the Global Dental Relief volunteers, along with my husband and I, trekked on the Everest Base Camp trail after the clinic. We saved some peace pals and scarves to hand out on the trail as we hiked. See some of my favorite pictures from the hike in the July 2016 newsletter!

It is such a joy to see the happiness on the faces of the young children when they pick out a peace pal to hug or a scarf to provide some much needed warmth. The bright colors in the hand knitted items bring a smile to their faces! They know that they are cared for around the world and it does brighten their days! Nepal is still reeling from the effects of the earthquake and in many places little to no recovery has taken place. Your efforts in providing peace pals and scarves are very much appreciated.

Being a delivery agent is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. I have been fortunate enough to deliver on several trips to Nepal, to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, and to El Centro Humanitario. Each and every time I am reminded about the people whose lives we touch with our caring and warm knitted items. Know that all of the efforts with the clacking of knitting needles brings joy, hope and healing wherever the items go. Consider being a delivery agent for K4P; consider also doing it through one of our partners. Global Dental Relief is a perfect organization to work with.

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