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Carol Falke/hope Made Real/state College, Pa Peace Pods


Rwanda, Carol Falke/hope Made Real, March 2015

One can wonder how so many people come together to bring smiles to the faces of women and children. But that’s what Knitting4Peace has done. It has built a network of knitters and crocheters with a passion for what they do as well as a passion to make an impact on the lives of women and children and families across the world.

“Through the power of prayer, crochet hooks & knitting needles many are engaged in a compassionate fight for hope, healing, justice and peace for all women and children.”

A friend who is a knitter told me about 2 of her friends who knit. They shared about knitting peace dolls, baby hats and blankets and directed me to other groups in my State College, PA community that are connected to Knitting4Peace. The circle widened! There are individuals, church groups, community groups, families and even Penn State university students all with a common vision. And now I am one of the many to be a part of Knitting4Peace. I am a new delivery agent to Rwanda, Africa.

From November through February 390 peace dolls of all sizes, 95 baby and older kid’s hats, 110 washcloths, 38 baby blankets and 40 scarves arrived from groups in my community and from across the US through Knitting4Peace. In March, two of us took 9 suitcases to Rwanda carrying much needed supplies as well as Knitting4Peace items. These will be given out in layette kits to new moms while Peace Pals and kid’s hats and scarves will be a surprise at Christmas for many children in our community. A gift of love and hope when none is expected.

So why is the timing of this new connection with Knitting 4 Peace so amazing? This summer Hope Made Real is opening a new Mom and Baby Love House to offer postnatal care to new mamas in our community. Safe motherhood is a key objective for developing countries but, despite recent improvements, Africa is still one of the most dangerous places in the world to give birth. The leading cause of maternal mortality in Africa – accounting for 34% of deaths – is hemorrhage which occurs postnatal. We know that women with no resources must leave the hospital or clinic only a few hours after delivery. Now they will have a place to stay for a few days to recover..... at the Mom and Baby Love House.

I want to praise each of you for every hand that has knit, every prayer that has been said, every tear of compassion shed and every smile seeing your finished gifts. You are a light throughout the world. ~~Carol Falke

Hope Made Real established the Urukundo Children’s Home and Learning Center in Rwanda, Africa in 2008. There are 54 children ages 8mos – 21 yrs old at the Home. 360 children attend the Urukundo School for preschool-3rd grade. Two 4th grades will open January 2016. We have a dental clinic, sewing training center, sustainable farm, worship center, a new Mom and Baby resting house, and a volunteer guest house.

Information: Carol Falke [email protected] BLOG cdfalke.blogspot.com

Arlene Brown, founder and director of Hope Made Real [email protected]

Hope Made Real www.hopemadereal.org

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