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Eswatini (swaziland)

Janice Wilson/neighborhood Care Point Centers/kukhany’okusha Cares for Children Project


Swaziland (shewula & Bhiliya), Janice Wilson/kukhany'okusha Cares for Children Project, March 2014

This year’s trip was planned for the Grand Opening Celebration of our first farm. We have had crops for two years now, but this was our official opening. Other individuals attending our celebration included the Deputy Prime Minister of Swaziland (in charge of the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children population), UNICEF representatives, Members of Parliament, the local chief, community leaders, and our staff and children.

The blankets (rectangular shawls) were a big hit. One of our photos shows a group of children in Bhiliya who received theirs, and then the adults started talking and many of the children fell asleep on their blankets. The dolls were an even bigger hit.

This was my first experience giving the dolls (Peace Pals), as we have always done hats and shawls. I cannot believe how much the children loved them. The reactions of the children were priceless. Some just gently touched them, some waved them around and one little girl repeatedly kissed the doll. Over and over. Many girls put the dolls in their shirts, mimicking how boMake (women) tie the babies on their backs. Many of the children made their dolls interact with each other. They REALLY LOVED them.

The men thought that the boys might not want the dolls. Wrong. The boys loved them too. Check out the photo of four boys playing with their Pals amid old tires. This was not a staged picture or any thing. These boys were having the dolls interact and we just got them to turn for the picture.

It really was a blessing for all the children, and for us, too, as we experienced the joy of giving. Thank you. This was an awesome experience for me.

Peace and joy,


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