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Joan Eden/habitat for Humanity


Romania, Joan Eden, August 2014

We had an wonderful morning handing out the dolls from Knitting4Peace today. My roommate described it as a "delicious" experience. That word sums it up quite nicely.

Eight of the twelve houses had kids in them. (Because of the renovation to all 12 buildings, some children are visiting relatives and others are on vacation with their "mothers".) We divided our group into two and each group went to four houses. In my group, I placed about 8-10 dolls in front of the 4-6 kids at each house and let them choose. Most of them found a doll quickly and clutched it tightly. One boy picked up one, then put it down, chose another one, put it down, and finally beamed with pleasure at picking up the last one. It was all quite orderly and lovely! I left the rest of the dolls with the SOS administration to give to the children who were not on site yesterday.

Thanks so much for this opportunity. The whole Habitat team and the SOS staff were thrilled at the responses from the children and so grateful to be a part of this activity.

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