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Yolanda Rosas-leon


Bolivia, Yolanda Rosas-leon, Summer 2014

Yolanda is one of our residential/on-the-ground delivery partners. For several years, we have been shipping directly to her so she can deliver our items to women and children she serves in her widespread ministry.

Recently, she journeyed twenty miles overland to Apollo, a village in the northern region of the department of La Paz. She delivered Peace Pals and Peace Shawls to women and children, including:
- Veronica, an elderly woman dealing with spiritual and health issues related to her loss of visual sight;
- Gregoria, director of Casa de la Mujer, a center that works for the rights of women who have been assaulted;
- Dana, a young single mother who is seeking spiritual support as she deals with many life challenges;
- Yolanda, a woman overcome with grief.

Our Peace Shawls were offered to provide comfort and healing; our Peace Pals provided healing and hope. The women expressed deep gratitude, saying, “Thank you, many blessings of God to this generous project of prayer and assistance.”

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