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Charles Moore/fairfield Orphanage


Zimbabwe (old Mutare Mission), Charlie Moore, January 2013

I was privileged to visit The Fairfield Children’s Home in Old Mutare Mission, Zimbabwe in January of this year. I was in Zimbabwe with a team of 13 students, faculty and trustees from McDaniel College in Westminster, MD who were spending several weeks at Africa University working with their students on building a new secondary school in the nearby village of Munyrari.

The highlight of our three week trip was the afternoon we spent at Fairfield where we distributed dolls (Peace Pals) to each of the eighty children in this United Methodist orphanage. This Home is comprised of eight cottages, each of which houses ten children and a house mother. There is an even mix of boys and girls and their ages range from infants to 18 years old.

I did my best to convey to each child the love and prayers that are part of the knitting of these dolls and that there are many people back in the U.S. whose hearts reach out to them. The smiles on the faces of each of these children as they hugged their dolls and showed them off to their friends will be a memory that stays with us forever.

Thanks so very much for allowing us the opportunity to “pass the peace”.”

Thanks again for all that you do.



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