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Pine Ridge Indian Reservation/south Dakota


Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Keira Hook/light of Christ Youth Group, Summer 2013

My name is Keira Hook, and I journeyed with the youth of Light of Christ in Longmont, Colorado to Pine Ridge through the Re-Member organization this June. On one of the last nights of our trip, Re-Member hosted a craft night, where many locals came to share their art and their culture. We decided to distribute the Peace Pals while we enjoyed eating dinner and talking with the Lakota people. It was a large success! The children’s eyes lit up when they saw the dolls, and they all whispered “thank you” and immediately began to play with their new friends!

I offered Peace Pals to two young boys, who looked warily at the feminine dresses on the poppets. But when I offered them “boy dolls”, they grinned and happily accepted the dolls. One man approached, and asked if he could take a doll home to his granddaughter. He then began to tell me all about her, making it clear that she was his pride and joy.

The “Peace Pals” truly lived up to their name- they promoted friendly relations between us and the children, and allowed us to start conversations with the parents as well. They enriched our trip to Pine Ridge, and will hopefully enrich and bring joy to the children that received them. We would like to thank you for all of your hard work involving the Peace Pals, and to let you know that they truly made a difference for the Lakota people. Thank you!

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