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Aurora Co, Lori Gates, March 2013

Our students live in a poverty stricken area of North Aurora (near Stapleton in Denver). They are primarily English Language Learners. They are lovely caring & amazing students.

I could teach anywhere and I choose to teach here. Our school is called Fletcher Intermediate Science & Technology School. We are what's called a "Pilot" school, which is sort of an in-district (Aurora Public Schools) charter school. Our focus is creating amazing kids using the vehicles of science & technology.

I've been at Fletcher for 8 years now. This is my 3rd career. I was in the music business (marketing/promotion) in California and in Denver (KBCO), and then I was very fortunate to be able to be a stay-at-home mom with my son until he got into kindergarten. Then I became a Literacy Paraprofessional and discovered (as a co-worker told me) that I have "a gift with the children." I got my teaching license from the Stanley British Teacher Training Program in 2005. As challenging as teaching is, my "bucket" gets filled up more than I've spent ever day. I am now a single parent of a wonderful son who goes to East High School (sophomore).

Please keep Fletcher on your delivery list for next year. I love being connected with our community and teaching the students about people who care about them.

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