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Bi-lingual Speech-language Pathology Children/denver, Boulder, Adams Counties


Colorado (denver, Boulder, Adams Counties), Katie Siefermann, January 2013

Katie Siefermann is a speech-language pathologist who works for a small practice serving low-income, Latino families in Denver, Boulder, and Adams counties. She and her colleagues provide early intervention services in the homes of toddlers with communication delays. This involves working with children and their parents who are typically Spanish-speaking, first-generation immigrants from Mexico. These families face burdens of poverty, immigration challenges, prejudice, and isolation in addition to the hardship of raising children with developmental disabilities. They are truly in the shadows of the American dream.

“I have discovered the love and hope that peace pals can bring to children who struggle to express themselves verbally,” Katie reports to the women4women- knitting4peace community. She sends along a picture of twins she works with who were born prematurely. The mother of the little boy and girl report that they sleep with their pocket peace pals every night.

This initial delivery success will hopefully lead to expanded deliveries among Katie’s colleagues.

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