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Development in Gardening (dig)


Uganda (jinja), Development in Gardening (dig), June 2013

Sarah, the Executive Director of DIG, went to Buwala Orphanage just outside of Jinja, Uganda in June 2013. DIG started working with this orphanage in 2009, developing a garden and planting fruit trees to help provide meals for the orphans. It is run by a very dynamic Ugandan couple, Paul and Rose, and supports 23 orphans.

The children were so excited to receive their Peace Pals. Sarah allowed each of the children to pick out the one they wanted most. We were lucky to have our videographer, Bob Miller, with us at the time so we have some beautiful pictures.

The orphanage is doing well and through the support of one of DIG's friends, they will be installing a borehole soon, so the orphanage and the surrounding community will have access to water.

Thank you for giving the children such a wonderful gift!


Noah Derman
Deputy Director, Development In Gardening (DIG)

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