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Uganda, Dr. Evelyn Wells and Jean Semler/change A Life Uganda, June 2013

Our team visited Mygeera Uganda the end of June. In fact Change A Life Uganda has been involved in this struggling community for six years. Initial efforts were to help the secondary school there but now our sights have reached high and we are almost finished with building a well that will bring water from more than a mile away.

The village has been impacted with the AIDS crisis and many children are orphans. Our organization is busy supporting the school there and we have provided sponsorships for many children. We have provided computers, school supplies and in many instances boarding scholarships so that the children do not have to travel miles back and forth to school.

Our summer mission goals this year included the following- bringing supplies to the school, providing sewing machines and instructors for our micro finance projects and providing medical supplies to the St Francis Health Center. We also had the luxury of also bringing my spouse and my two young children to lead a wonderful chess program.

The residents of Mygeera face many obstacles. Lack of water. Exposure to prostitution and AIDS since it's situated along a truck route on the way to the Sudan. Many children cannot afford schooling and must support their family with farming and retrieving water. It was a treat to bring your lovely dolls to our students and pediatric patients at the clinic. The children were absolutely ecstatic.

CALU goes to this region yearly and we are dedicated to providing quality education and health care to those in need. We are so happy we were able to coordinate and work together this year.

Evelyn Wells MD

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