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Arna and Marty Caplan/shining Hope for Communities, Nairobi


Kenya (shining Hope for Communities, Nairobi), Arna & Marty Kaplan, February 2013

This morning Marty and I visited the preschool girls and delivered the wonderful Peace Pals we brought from women4women-knitting4peace. The pictures say it all! Thanks to Joanie (Walker) for knitting most of them.

The girls had just been in school for 2 days. I think the Peace Pals made this new experience a bit easier for them. They especially liked the fuzzy hair! The teachers decided to keep the Pals at school so that they could be there for when the girls needed them.

We also delivered Pals to the teachers who had just had or were about to have a baby. They were so touched to be remembered in that way. These little Pals carry so much love and caring with them.

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