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Sisters of Charity, Kolkata/cru Team


India, Megan Knez/cru, January 2013

We had the privilege of spending an afternoon in Calcutta at the FreeToBeKids Kolkata Child Rescue and Development Centre. It opened in February 2010 and currently provides care for 26 children. These children are from backgrounds of abuse, exploitation and extreme vulnerability.

After making colorful octopuses and singing songs, we were able to share the gift of the hand-knit dolls (Peace Pals) with this group of lively young people. The joy on their faces after receiving such a gift, then hearing the stories of the people who made these gifts for them was such a surprise! They loved the colorful dolls and spent the rest of the evening not letting their doll out of their sight. It was such a blessing to be a part of this experience!

Thank you for all of your support and continual prayers for these bright young people. I know they are praying for you!

Megan Knez
CRU Team

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