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Ghana, Priscilla Jeffrey, Cpas/ghana, Summer 2013

Hundreds of Peace Pals and Birthing Kits Distributed Through Three Deliveries:

I. The first distribution was at the Sakyi Agyakawa (prononced Saki Ajakwa) School kindergarten in Nsawam, Ghana. We sponsor 30 girls at the school grades 1-9, who are at risk of dropping out or being taken out by their parents to work.

We gave 160 dolls away to the preschoolers and kindergarteners. They were so stunned (as were the teachers) that Mustapha Sewor, the CPAS Program Director, and I showed up with the dolls, that they were silent while we passed them out to each child. After we left the compound, all the children started yelling and shouting and then we could hear their delight. The kindergarten has hardly any teaching materials or toys for the students. The teachers were so grateful for the dolls.

II. We also distributed 70 dolls to another kindergarten where we are sponsoring Mercy.

III. Mustapha and I went to the Nsawam Hospital in Nsawam, Ghana to distribute the dolls for newborns. When we saw the children and their parents in the pediatric unit (room), we just had to give them dolls too. Children and babies were bedridden with their mothers sitting beside them, often with another child on her back. Only two of the children had enough energy to take and hug the dolls. It was all I could do not to cry the whole time. The photos aren't that great, but it gives you an idea of the conditions of the unit.

The last photo is of the head nurse. She took the remaining dolls to hand out to newborns and other sick children as they came into the hospital. We weren't supposed to just show up at the hospital. We were supposed to have made an appointment before the distribution, but when she saw the dolls, she rushed us right down so we could hand them out immediately.

It is hard to express in an email how much these dolls mean to these children and their teachers, parents and nurses. Most of these children have never had a toy. Also the only dolls I have ever seen here are plastic and are Caucasian, so these are especially appreciated. I only wish all of you could have handed them out to experience the joy they brought to the little ones.

Again I pass on the blessings that were given to me,

In deep gratitude


PS I also gave dolls to little ones who came to my house or to friends in Nsawam who were having babies. When I get to updating our website, I will post a piece about this. I already posted it on the CPASGhana Facebook page

NOTE: to read more about CPASGhana, visit http://www.cpasghana.org/

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