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Uganda, Outreach Uganda (carol Davis), 2012

I wanted to say a big "thank you" for all the Peace Pal knitted dolls that I took with me to Uganda this summer. We distributed them at our northernmost group in Agwata Uganda which is in the Lamwo district just 40 miles from the Sudan border. Our distribution was done at the local parent supported community school called the Cubu Parent Primary School. We distributed them to the new Nursery Class of 4 to 6 year olds plus did a separate distribution to some even younger children of our beading group there.

We also took a few of the shawls and preemie caps with us, and they were a big hit. The shawls especially were in big demand. I wasn't sure how popular they would be because Uganda is on the equator although it's Denver's elevation. However, during rainy season the nights do get chilly, and even the high 60s starts to seem chilly to them. Most of these ladies in our women's group came out of IDP camps in mid-2009 and so until 2011, most only had 1 piece of clothing that they wore all the time. Now, most have 2.

A big thank you from our staff, mothers and children in Uganda.

Carol Davis, President
Outreach Uganda

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