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Sister Joanne, Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities


Kenya, Sister Joanne, Autumn 2012

How thrilled my children were today to receive their Peace Pals. As you can see from their happy faces, they were overjoyed to have little dollies for their very own. These children are kindergarten students at our St. Elizabeth Pre-School in Timau which is a learning institution we founded (utilizing the Montessori Method) for the needy, destitute, orphans and abandoned children from our surrounding slums.

They have come to us from mud huts, wooden shacks, and rented rooms where their only possessions are the clothes they are wearing or the uniforms they are given. Sometimes their single meal for the day is boiled maize and here we ensure them a healthy mid-morning 4-grain porridge and a hot lunch. They are cared for when sick and helped to repair housing when there is damage due to fire or storms. Many are cared for by older siblings or grandparents who have no means and are unable to work. As you can see there is no way their parents or guardians could afford toys for them when they can't even meet basic needs, and thus what an impact a toy such as a Peace Pal can have on them.

God bless your workers who, as their fingers work and they lift their prayers upwards, strive to bring peace and love to the world and the less fortunate.

Sr Joanne, Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities.

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