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Honduras Hope Mission/julie Coleman


Honduras, Honduras Hope Mission/julie Coleman, April 2012

March 29, 2012

Tonight we prayed over the 'babies' as they prepare to go to Honduras with the Honduras Hope Mission on April 16th.

The trip has been reduced from a larger group to just four people due to the
recent violence down there. Even the Peace Corp. left!

My friend Sheri is going and she is excited because, since she isn't taking all the medical supplies that she usually takes, she has room in her suitcase for the Peace Pals. We read the Prayer of Blessing tonight and sent the little guys and gals off with love in our hearts.

Sheri promises to take lots of pictures of the children with their new Peace
Pals and to explain what they are. Sheri feels certain that the mothers will
enjoy them as well. It was interesting to see how different they all turned
out to be.

At the beginning of this we prayed for 50 Peace Pals and tonight we counted

I am not sure who was/will be more blessed…


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