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Charlotte Clive


Honduras, Charlotte Clive, January 2011

A letter of appreciation from Charlotte Clive

Hi Ms. McKee,

I have been going to Honduras on medical mission trips for 12 years. This year was the first year I took the little knit dolls (Peace Pals) Barbara and a friend made and gave to me. Barbara told me she rec'd the pattern from you. I think you will see from the pictures that the wonder on the children's faces tells the story. Most children we see have very little, and toys are considered a luxury... clean water, healthy foods, and clothing are what are wished for...not dolls. So as you can imagine, not only are the children joyful, but the parents know that their child is receiving the wonderful gift of play...something every child needs and wants...but doesn't always get.

When I go I always bring medicines, supplies, vegetable seeds, reading glasses, toothbrushes and more...but dolls were not on my list…until this year. After seeing what the little dolls do for these children, I think it is time to consider them a part of my list of musts. We can take care of many of the physical needs of the children, but a little doll can give so many things we can't provide.

Thank you for helping others make these gifts of joy... they are a blessing to all who receive them.

Kind regards,
Charlotte Clive

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