What We Do


One Stitch at a Time

We stitch for each other; we stitch for the recipients of the items we create; and we crochet, knit, quilt, and weave for hope, healing and peace in our world. We do our work one stitch at a time … one day at a time … stitch after stitch and day after day. The tangible items we create are personally delivered to adults, teens, children, infants, and families in local and global areas of conflict. Our items include:

Who We Serve

We serve a growing community of adults, teens, children, infants, and families in areas of local and global suffering and conflict. Go to the Deliveries Page to read about the countries we have served and continue to serve. If you would like to become a Delivery Agent for us, visit the Join Us Page.


What We Create

The items we offer are in response to specific requests from those with whom we partner, in the U.S. and around the world. We started with one item in 2006: Shawls for women in global areas of conflict. A year later, responding to requests of women in S. Sudan, we began creating Peace Pals, knit and crocheted dolls for children. Since then, these comforting “pals” have become our most frequently-requested item for people of all ages. Through a medical mission project, children and adults requested warm hats, so Hats were added to the items we create and deliver. In 2010, dental missions requested colorful scarves for their patients; we added Scarves. That year we also connected with people in Pine Ridge and Rosebud, South Dakota, where winter temperatures can reach -50. In response, we began creating Blankets in the sacred colors of the Oyate Oglala Lakota Nations: red, yellow, white and black. In 2014 we began creating Mittens to assist unhoused people to stay warm through the winter months. Mittens are currently also given to hundreds of U.S. school-children needing warmth each year. Since 2014, Quilted Sleeping Mats, Washcloths, Baby Blankets, Bibs and Booties were each added in response to international partners’ requests, and are now given to people via community agencies in many countries, including the U.S.A. Hijab for Peace Pals was added in 2021, as part of ongoing efforts to expand our diversity and inclusion. Peace Pals with Hijab were tested and received with enthusiasm by school-children in Pakistan, and are available to all delivery partners. Our newest item, Finger Puppets, was requested by the UCH Global Health Guatemala Project to use in their well-baby clinics, and are now available to any community partners who request them.

The following year (2010) we learned about dental missions that needed colorful scarves for their patients (5-16 years old) and we added Scarves4Peace to our work. Since then we have been asked to create warm scarves for children in areas where temperatures are quite cold and warm clothing is scarce. In 2010 we also became aware of the dire conditions on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in southwestern South Dakota, and Tree of Life Ministry in Rosebud, South Dakota where winter temperatures frequently plummet to fifty degrees below zero and many homes have little or no heat. In response, we began creating Blankets of Peace in the sacred colors of the Oglala Lakota: red, yellow, white and black for both of those Nations. In 2014 we began creating Winter Mittens for unhoused people struggling to stay warm through the winter months.


Items Most Needed at This Time

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