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Join Our Community Purls Program

Community Purls is Knitting4Peace’s local delivery program that honors the vulnerable and marginalized “pearls” in our own communities by delivering requested items that provide comfort, warmth, and hope. To participate, follow these easy steps:


Identify community organizations that serve marginalized and vulnerable populations in your local area. Examples include: hospitals, NICUs, cancer treatment centers, VA centers, schools, refugee-resettlement groups, or other agencies serving marginalized or vulnerable populations.


Contact the agencies, medical facilities, or schools by phone or email. Tell them you’re affiliated with Knitting4Peace’s local delivery program and ask if they would like some of our items. Handmade items that you can create and deliver include: mittens, scarves, hats, washcloths, shawls, Peace Pals, or baby items such as booties, bibs, and blankets.


You can create all the requested items locally or contact our Denver office and ask us to provide some items from our corporate inventory. Send your request by email to [email protected]. Include the following information: (a) name of the agency you’ll be delivering to, (b) the items you’d like us to provide, (c) the quantities of each item, (d) your ship-to address, (e) the date by which you need the items (allow at least 2 weeks), and (f) a summary of the items (with quantities) you plan to create locally. Your delivery will be highlighted in our monthly eNewsletter Community Purls column. If you don’t already receive our Newsletter, Sign Up Today!


If you create everything locally, send an email message to [email protected] with a list of the items (and quantities) you’ve delivered and the agency to whom you delivered. We’ll highlight your delivery in our monthly eNewsletter “Community Purls” column. If you don’t already receive our Newsletter, Sign Up Today!

Deliver Globally

Become An International Delivery Agent

Thousands of volunteers have delivered Knitting4Peace items in more than 80 countries. To join this team, follow these easy steps:


Honor our Code of Ethics: DO NO HARM! We make every effort possible to ensure that our deliveries do not compete with local craftspeople whose livelihood depends on selling their artistic creations.


Fill out THIS FORM, providing the following information
  • Your destination, specifying the country and the intended recipients (school, orphanage, hospital, community organization, etc.) Tell us whether you plan to make the delivery yourself or with a group (and the approximate size of the group.)
  • Specify the items you want to deliver and we will be in touch regarding quantities and prefered colors.
  • Give us the address to which we should send the items and the date by which you need them (allow at least 3 weeks) or whether you'll pick up the items from our Denver office. Knitting4Peace covers the cost of shipping the items to you. Any costs of transporting the items to their final destinatino is yours (extra baggages fees, etc.).
  • We will be in touch promptly.

If you deliver items you create yourself (or are created by your local knitters/crocheters and are therefore items not provided from our Denver office) it is important for you to send those details via email to: [email protected].


Document your delivery by sending the following information by email to [email protected]:

  • Photos that focus on the recipient and the item(s) received, not you or the environment. Please send in jpg format and obtain verbal permission for us to use the photos publicly.
  • A brief description of your delivery experience. You can include specific factual details or describe your personal feelings about the experience. It can be as short or as long as you wish. Descriptive narratives and photos may be posted on our website or featured in an eNewsletter.


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